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About Me


How it started

I used to do a lot of horeseback riding when younger, but life got in the way plus I'd fallen off quite hard, so I quit riding after 11 years.

It was time to look for another sport...

To try and get over my fear of heights, I decided skydiving might help... I started skydiving in the summer of 2001. I really wanted to jump myself so I did a static-line course instead of the more usual tandem-jump. I was immediately hooked.



I knew even before I started jumping that wanted to do 3 things: canopy formation flying, flying a birdman suit and flying camera.

Well in the ~2400 skydives I've done so far, I've managed all 3, although some with more success than others :-)






Skydiving disciplines

After first trying then later filming Canopy Formation for a while I got into wingsuiting bigtime. For a time it almost the only thing I did.

I got my Phoenix-Fly Instructor rating, so now I can teach newbies how to fly like Batman too :-)





Filming experience

I also occasionally film 4-way formation flying teams. I started out with a rookie team called Team Grande Vitesse. It turned out that filming FS4 is a lot of fun! I then flew camera for another FS4 team called H4N1 (I guess I was the "1"?!?) for a while. Next team in line was Serge's Angels. Right now I don't belong to a FS4 team anymore, but sometimes I fill in for other cameraflyers, mostly during training. One year I got asked to film a AAA team during Nationals, we came in third. I also filmed the French SOS (Skydivers over Sixty) team during the POPS World Meet 2012 and we came in third as well.


Mostly however I film tandems,something that is quite rewarding to do, and after hundreds of tandem video jumps is still quite fun.

For as long it it existed, I was the chief video judge for the Dutch Swooping Tour, and I also did video for some other swooping competitions in Belgium, Germany and Norway. The results can be found on my video page, and of course on the various Dutch Swooping Tour DVDs.

In 2004 and 2006 I was part of World Team, I was part of both mass group record jumps and I did editing, website and media for the FS World Record jumps.

I'm also with our national Dutch skydiving magazine The Sportparachutist, usually I don't write so much but I take care of the photography department.



I had some experience teaching beginner jumpers to fly with others ("TRIP"), and teaching more advanced jumpers to fly with a wingsuit. My most recent challenge was becoming a skydiving instructor, so I can teach people how to make their first jumps by themselves. Becoming an instructor was something that had been on my "want" list for years, but I never found the time to do it plus I wasn't sure that I was ready for it.
In 2011 however I went for it, and now I already have a good number of skydiving courses under my belt.



Back to horses

In 2012 I decided I wanted to get back into horseback riding. I started out with 2 lessons a week but now I lease a horse so I can ride more often. I also have started to photograph (and sometimes film) horseback riding competitions and other events, the results can be found on my video and photo pages.
My other hobbies include tinkering with computers, programming, webpages and editing. Also I love my Norwegian Forest Cats and my Maine Coon, and I love reading. I also tend to spend way too much time at my computer... ;-) Which is OK, as this is also my day job.





People needing photos, videofootage, webpages etc usually know where to find me. Otherwise, you do now :-)